About Us

Climb Onsight connects individuals with professional climbing guides

The Name

To non-climbers, it may seem like we misspelled our company name. That would be embarrassing! But, we assure you, that is not the case.

Climb Onsight refers to the act of climbing a route “onsight.” This means you climbed the route from the ground up without any tips (or "beta"). It is the ultimate challenge.

With millions of routes in the world, there is always one that can challenge you, whether you are a beginner or an expert.

That is what is amazing about climbing. Each of us has their own "project" or challenge they are facing. And each of us is part of a large climbing community that wants to see you succeed.

We, at Climb Onsight, connect you with professional guides, so you have fun reaching your personal goals.

As a company, we also strive to "Climb Onsight" each day by providing you with flawless experiences. Email us with any positive or constructive feedback at support@climbonsight.ca. In climbing speak, we continuously strive to deliver a 9c+ experience!

The Mission

Our primary mission is to connect you with professional and local guides, so you have a safe and unforgettable adventure. Be it a one-day rock climb trip or a multi-day expedition, we want you to find your perfect guide, see a new corner of the world, and learn new skills and techniques. Read our FAQ page to learn about how we select our guides.

Our secondary mission is to conserve the environment. Many of our trips take you to remote locations and it is important to us that we “leave no trace.” That is why we return two percent of our profits to local initiatives to conserve the environment.

Why We Created Climb Onsight

We founded Climb Onsight simply because we love climbing and mountains and wanted to share our love with others.

We are not expert outdoor climbers. Far from it. But we are continuously learning. For Shaun, Climb Onsight's founder who is afraid of heights, climbing outdoors was a daunting experience and he had no idea where to begin. It was ludicrous to believe he could rig a safe knot after watching a YouTube tutorial. So, he Googled "top climbing guides near me" and found some amazing guides to "show him the ropes" and provide practical hands-on training.

He has not gotten over his fear of heights and hopes he never does. Being on a peak or cliff edge and looking over the landscape to the horizon, knowing he conquered his fears, makes him feel alive.

We truly hope you find the perfect guide for you on Climb Onsight, develop your skillset, and make an unforgettable memory. We'd love to hear about your journey, so please do share your experience or any feedback (positive or constructive) with Shaun at srosenthal@climbonsight.ca.


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Climb Onsight is a hospitality platform where climbers can access local and professional climbing guides.