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There may be a slight bias in this answer, but… book a trip with one of the listed guides! We recommend searching for a beginner lesson where the guide will teach you the basics of climbing. On top of getting to experience climbing outdoors, you will also likely learn how to belay and how to tie into your harness – necessary skills for climbing in any gym or country.

For a non-biased answer, you can review one of the manymany, many beginner guides online. We still believe, however, the quickest way to begin is to, well, begin. Go to an indoor gym or book a professional guide and see if climbing is for you.

Every trip listed on Climb Onsight lists the gear the guide will provide and the gear you are required to bring. You can review this list at any time after you book your trip. If you have any questions about gear, please chat with your guide or email us at support@climbonsight.ca and we will assist you.

All trips are subject to the cancellation policy found in Climb Onsight’s Terms and Conditions. Please read the policy prior to booking your trip. We have provided a brief summary of the cancellation policy below.

There are a couple of basic rules to the cancellation policy. Firstly, if at any point you need to cancel your trip, you can contact your the guide to see if an arrangement can be made to rebook or refund your trip. Climb Onsight will honor any rebooking or refund arrangement you have reached with your guide. Secondly, if you cannot reach an arrangement with your guide, you will be refunded on a progressive scale depending on when you cancel compared to when the trip begins. However, you will not be entitled to a refund if you cancel six or less calendar days prior to your booked trip.  

No! Our site lists trips for every skill level from beginner to advanced. There’s no better way to become a skilled climber than to start climbing now.

No! There are loads of climbers of all ages, shapes, and sizes. If you can hike, you can climb.

Each guide on Climb Onsight lists the price for their specific trips. We are aware that booking a climbing guide is expensive. That is why Climb Onsight offers a “Featured Deals” category where you can take advantage of group discounts by joining a trip with other climbers.

When you book a trip, you have the option of making it available to the public under the “Featured Deals” category. If another climber joins your trip, you will be reimbursed the difference between the price you originally paid, and the new lower individual rate based on the group discount.

Yes. Climbing and mountaineering are dangerous activities, and there is the risk of serious injury or even death every time you go on an adventure (even if you are accompanied by a guide).

Many injuries and accidents occur because of user error. It is imperative that you learn skills from reputable and professional guides to maximize your and your partners’ safety. Being a knowledgeable climber not only can prevent accidents and injuries, but also lets you react appropriately if a dangerous condition (i.e., an avalanche or a rock fall) arises.

We select guides who have been guiding for at least five years or who have been certified to guide their listed trips from an accredited organization. 

We also select guiding companies who have been guiding for at least five years. The guiding companies, based on their experience and expertise, may hire a guide who has less than five years of experience to lead your trip. Often, when guiding companies hire newer guides, an experienced guide accompanies them on their trips.

On your profile, you can use the chat feature to chat with the guiding company or individual guide to learn more about their experience and/or certifications.


Climb Onsight is a hospitality platform where climbers can access local and professional climbing guides.