Life is Climbing – A Review

Koba and Naoya

Disclaimer: Climb Onsight is a sponsor for the Canadian release of Life is Climbing. The Canadian screening information is at the bottom of the post. In climbing lingo, “Onsight” or […]

Travel Insurance for Climbing

Climber in Tenerife

There is a degree of risk when participating in an outdoor sport, including climbing. But the risk can be mitigated through insurance. Insurance companies typically offer a base Emergency Medical […]

Climb Onsight Attends Michigan Ice Fest

Lakeshore Curtains

On a mild day in the year of February 2024, I traveled to Munising, Michigan to conquer the ice. Around one thousand people traveled to the Michigan Ice Festival to […]

Physics of Climbing: Gravity

bouldering in Niagara Glen

Disclaimer: I am not a physicist. We had the option in high school to take either physics, biology, or chemistry. I chose biology. Oh well. The advice in this blog […]

I Met A Guide Who Walked Into A Volcano

Explore Lava Lakes with ONE AXE Pursuits

Climb Onsight visited Frederick Schuett, the owner of ONE AXE Pursuits, to discuss his explorations of cliffs, frozen waterfalls, mountains, and volcanoes around the world.